Company Introduction

The INTEC Group is a German engineering service provider with its headquarters in Berlin/Germany.

INTEC understands itself as system provider and technology supplier of innovative, ecologic and highly profitable environmental technologies within the knowledge areas recycling and recovery. INTEC concentrates on two main business lines:

Waste to Energy
Tyre Recycling

INTEC delivers turn-key solutions tailored to your needs. Our company structure and the targeted approach in the fields of research & development ensure the technological implementation of your requirements.

INTEC outsources the production of standard and customer-specific plant components to selected and experienced companies and thus ensures the permanent availability for its customers.

INTEC further supports its customers after installation and commissioning of the plant systems with comprehensive knowledge transfer and trainings as well as with sales support of the products generated in the plants.

Upon request, INTEC can offer customer-specific financing concepts with private and institutional investors and furthermore offers comprehensive insurance services.

INTEC develops new technologies and plants which contribute to the solution of urgent ecologic and economic issues of our time.


INTEC's vision of a cleaner world is directly coupled with turning waste materials into valuable commodities with high returns on investment.
An ecologic approach does not exclude economic success anymore. Constantly growing waste streams and amounts of end-of-life tyres globally force to increasing endeavours for ecologic and economic solutions.
With consequent consideration of these aspects, INTEC started the development of tyre and waste recovery systems which today reflect the current technological state of the art and, for the first time, allow a to-date unseen affectivity and profitability as well as an outstanding high yield of the employed capital.

To INTEC, end-of-life tyres as well as waste and residues are valuable raw material resources. Simple disposal or incineration does not comply with our vision.

INTEC understands itself as system provider of innovative environmental technologies and user-specific know-how – tailored to your needs and driven by sustainability.