The Concept

Generation and Utilisation of Synthesis Gas from organic waste

The synthesis gas systems of the INTEC SG Series represent a world-wide unique solution for energy recovery from organic waste of any kind.
With the synthesis gas produced in the plants, generators are driven by gas engines for power generation. This allows, amongst others, the feed-in of electricity to public grids.

Many years of research & development led to an innovative technology, the synthesis gas production without process-related flue-gases as it is applied in the plants of the INTEC Synthesis Gas Systems (INTEC SG Series).
The patent-secured INTEC Thermolytic Cracking Process (INTEC-TCP®) thereby avoids the known disadvantages of conventional pyrolysis, gasification and incineration technologies such as build-up of unwanted by-products or application of complex flue-gas cleaning facilities.

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The modular and redundant design with multiple production lines of the INTEC SG Series ensure continuous operation also during maintenance and repair.

The plants of the INTEC Synthesis Gas Systems can be adapted to changing conditions and thus take into account increasing waste amounts and at the same time raising energy demands in municipalities and urban agglomerations.