The Concept

Production of micro rubber powder from end-of-life tyres and rubber residues

The INTEC RC 500/05 Tyre Recycling and Rubber Powder Processing System was developed for the material recovery of end-of-life tyres and rubber residues as an alternative to the disadvantageous incineration. For INTEC, these residues are not only an ecologic challenge but also primarily a valuable resource.

The produced micro rubber powder can either be utilised as aggregate in rubber mixtures or for the production of elastomeric alloys with characteristics similar to thermoplastic elastomers (TPE).

Continuous long-term research as well as the erection of several plant generations led to the development of the INTEC RC 500/05, producing ultra-fine and -pure rubber powders.

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The technologies for further processing of the produced rubber powder has been developed in a way allowing further utilisation on industrial standard equipment.

The modular and redundant design of the production and treatment facilities of the INTEC RC 500/05 ensures continuous operation also during maintenance and repair.
In cooperation with German universities, INTEC develops new and proven compounds.